Amcor annual report: a job done well, over and over …

Candice O'Sullivan
October 4, 2012

When meeting new clients for the first time, we always look for the values fit. While a successful creative partnership relies on many factors, we believe that shared values, above all else, are what nurture long and fruitful client-agency relationships. We were recently reminded of how well this approach works for us when working on Amcor’s 2012 annual report.

Having worked with Amcor for the better part of a decade, it came as little surprise to us that a line from their latest annual review could have been a line from one of our own publications:

“First and foremost, delivery is about doing the basics exceptionally well. Customers expect that reliability, service and quality form the foundation of our value proposition. However, delivery is also about extending that value proposition to ensure our customers can outperform for their customers and respond to the demands of our ever-changing world.”

So if you’re a competitor reading this and want to know what the ‘secret’ to this and every other long-term relationship we’ve ever had is, we’ll let you read between the lines of Amcor’s report. Because, as the saying goes – you are only as good as the company you keep.

Amcor’s entire 2012 annual report suite was designed and produced by Wellmark. We’ve posted a few of our favourite spreads on Pinterest. Alternatively, you can download a PDF of the entire annual report here or view the online version here

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