Why it pays to keep your agency in the loop

Bryce Michelmore
November 15, 2012

Could you find your way to somewhere you’ve never been without a map? It’s not exactly easy – often impossible. With a bit of luck, great intuition and fortuitous discovery of the right signs you might eventually get there, but it will be inefficient and extremely frustrating. And you’ll probably be late to the party.

Sometimes working on creative projects with large organisations can be a bit like this for us agency people. We sometimes find ourselves dealing with a point of contact who doesn’t have access to the map and is giving directions on a day-by-day basis as they find their way themselves. Or get to a dead end and have to turn around.

It may not be their fault and they may even be as frustrated as us, but it’s so very far from an ideal way to work.

Occasionally – although we do our best to ensure it doesn’t happen – it’s not until the end of the project that we gain real insight into the overall goal. And that’s not because there hasn’t been one, rather that the project brief didn’t necessarily provide all the information or give a clear indication of the desired outcome.

In our experience, the best work gets done when an agency is privy to the inner workings of a client’s strategy and planning. There’s little to be gained from seeking collaboration but then withholding crucial information. And it shouldn’t surprise if an agency doesn’t anticipate something you never told them, or meet critical deadlines that weren’t communicated. There’s a big difference between cooperating and collaborating – and the results of a project reflect it.

This may all seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often clients withhold information, often due to nothing more than oversight. It’s worth remembering that information is power, and if you empower your agency you’ll get much better results.

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Bryce Michelmore is an Account Manager at Wellmark.

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