Content marketing the ideal antidote for what ails pharma selling

Candice O'Sullivan
April 10, 2013

Information as a service is not new to pharmaceutical marketing; medical education has always played a key role in helping doctors understand new therapeutic molecules and treatment paradigms. So why do pharma marketers struggle so much with ‘content marketing’ as we know it today?

To see our thoughts on this topic, we invite you to read our latest guest post for pharmaphorum, an online forum for communicating thought leadership and innovation in the pharma industry. You can read the article here.

By Candice O’Sullivan, Director and Head of Strategy at Wellmark. You can find Candice on Google+ at +Candice O’Sullivan, follow her tweets on brand strategy, content marketing, social media and related topics @candicepill or subscribe to our blog here.

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"Something the locksmith had not grasped, but which the IT company and consulting firms understood all too well, is the role played by justifying bullshit in the modern economy." Brilliant stuff from Rory Sutherland, as always.

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