Are you too approving of your healthcare advertising?

Ryan Wallman
September 2, 2014

Our new guest article for advertisinghealth explores how the culture of the pharmaceutical industry shapes healthcare advertising.

healthcare advertising

We postulate that regulatory influences have created an environment that is counterproductive to creativity, and advocate a change to the prevailing culture of ‘over-approval’. To read the full article, click here

About advertisinghealth

The advertisinghealth website is the forum for a collective of healthcare ad agency people, dedicated to pharma agency news and real, unfiltered conversation. Its mission is to get agencies talking to each other, sharing ideas and sharing opinion.

This post was contributed by Ryan Wallman, Head of Copy at Wellmark. Ryan tweets about pharma marketing and healthcare communications @wellmark_health

‘Design by committee’ image by Lane Becker, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons under a CC 2.0 licence.

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