Finalists in the Creative Floor Healthcare Awards

Ryan Wallman
May 31, 2016

healthcare advertising awards


First, a confession.

I’ve tended to be a touch sceptical about creative awards in the past.

Like when I did this, for example.

advertising awards

So this post might prompt you to scream “RYAN, YOU FILTHY HYPOCRITE! YOU’VE SOLD OUT”.

And you’d probably have a point, as I don’t disown my scepticism.

For one thing, creative awards are often rather, er, self-congratulatory. And they’re not the best measure of an agency, by any means.

All that said, we’re genuinely proud to be finalists in this year’s Creative Floor Healthcare Awards.

I say that for a few reasons:

  • These are the only health and wellness awards to donate a proportion of profits towards a talent and diversity fund. The fund is used to increase diversity and help untapped talent break into health and wellness agencies.
  • The awards are specific to healthcare, but the judges are a mix of consumer and healthcare Creative Directors.
  • They’re bloody hard to win – it’s billed as the ‘toughest healthcare award show on Earth’, and only 3% of this year’s entries made it to the finals.

We’re up against the best healthcare agencies in the world, whose work we truly admire. That’s a good thing, as we hold ourselves to high standards.

And yes, OK, we’ll admit it: we wouldn’t mind a bit of cabinet-bling. We’re only human.

You can find out more about the Creative Floor Awards here.


By Ryan Wallman, Head of Copy at Wellmark.

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