Independent medical education

Wellmark has been developing independent medical education since 1998. We bring together clinicians, researchers and industry with the goal of creating continuing medical education that informs, inspires and supports best practice.

We believe that:

  • industry sponsorship of medical education can be used to provide educational resources and activities that are balanced, appropriate, scientifically rigorous and clinically relevant
  • independent medical education represents a channel by which industry can share its data and resources with clinicians in a way that supports informed prescribing decisions and advances excellence
  • our knowledge and experience of the medical education landscape helps us to act as the vital link between healthcare practitioners and industry
  • we have the clinical and scientific understanding, the business and strategic experience and the integrity to balance the needs of commercial supporters and professional clinicians in a way that is appropriate, constructive and transparent.

We have developed independent medical education for GPs, nurses, allied health and specialist audiences. We are experienced in liaising with and managing back-end providers for e-learning platforms, and liaising with relevant colleges and professional bodies to ensure content meets CPD criteria where appropriate.