Content marketing and social media for B2B markets and the professions

If you want to market your product, service or company in an era where online discovery is just a few clicks away for any buyer, then you need content. But not just any content.

Whether it is for your website, blog, e-newsletter, social media profile or thought leadership program, your content must tick two boxes. First, it needs to be high-quality; only truly useful, relevant and meaningful content will convert prospects into buyers. Second, it must be promoted (i.e. shared) in the right way; there’s no point in investing in great content if no one sees it.

And that’s precisely why you should come to us. Unlike most providers, we have experts in content strategy, marketing and writing – all in the one place. This means we will quickly grasp the nuances of your offering but will spend a long time getting to know your audience. Only then can we develop the kind of content that engages buyers, meets their information needs, and builds trust. Oh, and did we mention we can write? Unlike some charlatans (ahem, SEO copywriters), we use proper English and all that.

We also understand the challenges and risks that social media pose to your business. So if you need a trusted advisor as your organisation transitions to a social business, we can provide strategic advice and practical coaching at every step along the way. We can also help train your professionals in online branding, writing for social media and development of their thought-leadership potential.

So what exactly can we do for you? Click here.