Professional development

We are serious about growing minds at Wellmark. Well, not literally – our scientific expertise doesn’t extend quite that far. But we do make a real commitment to the ongoing education of our people.

We support various forms of professional development, which range from career mentoring through to external workshops, short courses and postgraduate degrees.

At the formal end of the educational spectrum, we are particularly proud of our association with Melbourne Business School and Swinburne University.

Melbourne Business School

Contrary to what popular culture might have us believe, marketing is not a skill that can be learnt over a lunch break with a book entitled something like ‘3 steps to your first million’.

Recognising that good marketing requires at least a modicum of intellectual rigour, we have supported a number of our people over the past several years to obtain Master of Marketing degrees at Melbourne Business School. With the School ranked number 1 of Australian business schools, this commitment to bolstering our marketing and business expertise is one that continues to reap rewards for us and for our clients.

Meet our current Melbourne Business School alumni:

Candice O’Sullivan
Ryan Wallman

Industry placement program

As any newly minted graduate will tell you as they blink against the harsh light of reality that is working life, there’s a limit to how much can be learnt in a classroom.

That’s why we think it’s important for young designers to have the opportunity to practise their chosen craft in the real world, where talent can be nurtured and honed accordingly. So we’ve put our money where our mouth is and teamed up with Swinburne University’s design school to offer a 12-month paid work placement to one student each year. In other words, it’s professional development by mutual design.