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If you’re looking for an agency that understands your unique challenges, you’ve come to the right place. Because we’re unique too.

Unlike almost any other agency, we have writers and strategists who come from clinical or scientific backgrounds but also have postgraduate qualifications in marketing. This means we offer a rare combination of expertise for building biotech and medtech brands.

We understand the healthcare landscape, including the pathways involved in translating research to real-world application, so we can quickly grasp the context in which your technology will be used.

And you can also be reassured that we have a thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements for marketing medical products and devices – so you’re in safe hands with us.


We can provide everything you need to support the marketing of your biotech or medtech product, no matter what stage of the journey you’re at.

We can develop activities and materials to complement every step of the research and commercialisation process, including:
Diagram detailing the process stages of: Research phase, Investor relations, Regulatory approval, Pre-launch, Launch, Post launch

  1. Research phase – e.g. technical writing for journal submissions, media releases for trade publications
  2. Investor relations – e.g. prospectuses, annual reports, investor presentations, corporate websites, key messaging strategy
  3. Regulatory approval (TGA, FDA etc.) – e.g. brand naming, evidence summaries, objection handlers
  4. Pre-launch – e.g. advisory board management, strategic communications plans, brand identity development, product packaging and insert design, teaser campaigns
  5. Launch – e.g. KOL speaker tours, marketing plans, launch collateral (e-detail aids, case studies, evidence packs, event theming, sales team tools etc.), trade advertising, patient resources (instructional materials, support programs)
  6. Post-launch – e.g. ongoing website maintenance, investor relations (impact reports, annual reviews), content development (blogs, social media presence, clinical trial summaries), promotional collateral and marketing communications (conference presence, direct mail, trade advertising etc.), CX strategy and initiatives for improving the customer/patient experience



Tournicare / Arma

The medical device company Tournicare engaged us to develop a brand name and visual identity for their new blood pressure management device. We created the product name ‘Arma’, a wordplay on ‘armour’ to reference the role regular blood pressure monitoring plays in protecting an individual from hypertension (often called the ‘silent killer’). The name also alludes to where the device is physically used (i.e. the arm).

View examples of the Arma branding.

Jumar Bioincubator

We were engaged to develop a name, brand identity and website for Melbourne’s new biotech incubator, which is a shared initiative of CSL, WEHI and The University of Melbourne. We created the name ‘Jumar’, a reference to the technique that mountain climbers use to ascend a rope. As the name of the bioincubator, it alludes to the role Jumar plays in supporting early-stage and scaling ventures to progress their discoveries to the next stage of development as they negotiate the journey to commercialisation.

View the Jumar branding.

Ypsomed / mylife YpsoPump®

Ypsomed Australia initially engaged us to support the launch of the mylife YpsoPump®, a new insulin pump for patients with diabetes. This involved a multichannel campaign targeting patients, endocrinologists and diabetic educators. More recently, we have developed a suite of communications to promote CamAPS® FX, an exciting new closed-loop algorithm for the YpsoPump that enables people with diabetes to better manage their glucose levels.

See examples of our Ypsomed work.

GBMA Education

GBMA Education, the educational arm of the Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (GBMA), had a remit to improve biosimilar awareness and empower stakeholders to use these medicines with confidence. We developed a new logo and tagline for the biosimilars brand and rolled out these assets at two launch events – the Australian Pharmacy Professional (APP) Conference and the Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP) Congress. Our brief was to facilitate peer-to-peer discussion among pharmacists and physicians, and to begin laying a foundation for challenging common misconceptions about biosimilar medicines.

View our branding work for GBMA Education.


If you’re striving to bring a biotech or medtech brand to life, we can help you make it happen.
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