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Well, hello there. You must be from the healthcare industry, right? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

As you know, healthcare is different from other areas of marketing – suffice it to say that a healthcare brand and a cheese brand are like, well, chalk and cheese. So people like you face greater challenges than the average marketer.

If you’ve been searching for an agency that truly understands those challenges, you’re probably a little tired by now. So put your feet up, put your mouse down, and allow us to introduce ourselves.


You might not have heard of us before. That’s OK
– we’re not as loud as some agencies. And we also have fewer tattoos.

In short, we’re a creative agency that specialises in healthcare. This means we can take care of all your communications needs, from pharmaceutical and biotech marketing right through to consumer health campaigns.

Our creative team is a unique mix of conceptual copywriters, medical writers, visual creatives and brand strategists. And we’re all here together, in one place, every day. So your brand gets treated with the continuity and respect it deserves.

Meet the team
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Yes, we know, describing ourselves as healthcare specialists is a bit hubristic. But we think we can justify it.

You see, Wellmark was founded as a healthcare communications agency back in 1998 and we’ve been in practice (pun intended) ever since. What’s more, our healthcare expertise stems from more than just our time on the job.

Our writers and strategists all come from a background in the life sciences and have postgraduate qualifications in marketing, so they understand science and they know how to build brands. Add to that mix a team of visual creatives who operate with surgical precision, and you can be sure that we’ll treat you well.


Because we focus on truly integrating our creative offering, listing our services seems a bit like writing about music – it doesn’t tell the whole story. But since you’re here, we’ll give it a go.

Graphic that depicts many of the services Wellmark offers it's clients. In the bottom left corner there is a large light blue bubble titled 'brand strategy' and in the top right corner there is a large dark blue bubble titled 'creative execution'. Between the two large blue bubbles are a multitude of smaller bubbles in varying shades of grey that illustrate the services Wellmark provides to take a client from brand strategy to creative execution. These services include communications strategy and plans, content marketing strategy, social media strategy, website architecture, design and writing, user experience design, brand identity development, creative concepts, campaign development, content development including editorial, imagery, infographics and video, copywriting and copyediting, graphic design for all media, editing and proofreading, medical writing and production management. See our work


It’s impossible to show you the breadth of our work in just a couple of minutes. But we’ve given it a go anyway! This is how we reel…

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Now that you’ve come this far, you might be wondering what kind of stuff we actually do. And whether it’s the stuff you need.

We do everything from healthcare advertising, sales collateral and disease awareness campaigns through to clinical guidelines, independent medical education and patient support programs.

And we’re veritable veterans when it comes to developing CPD education for professional bodies. Notably, we’ve been an RACGP-accredited provider for well over a decade.

That’s just a quick glimpse at some of our ‘stuff’. To see a more complete list, click on the link below.

See our full bag


We would usually consider name-dropping to be a little, well, déclassé.

But in this case we’ll make an exception. There’s no denying that we work with some fantastic people, after all.

Our clients serve all aspects of healthcare – including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, medical education, public health, private medical services and aged care.

See our work
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We pride ourselves on being able to deliver all aspects of a pharmaceutical marketing program and being a reliable one-stop shop for brand managers and their sales teams.

We can develop activities and materials to support every stage of a pharma product’s life-cycle.

Read more


If you’re looking for an agency that understands your unique challenges, you’ve come to the right place. Because we’re unique too.

Unlike almost any other agency, we have writers and strategists who come from clinical or scientific backgrounds but also have postgraduate qualifications in marketing.

This means we offer a rare combination of expertise for building biotech and medtech brands.

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If you need to deliver educational activities to healthcare professionals, we’ve got you covered.

Having a clinical background means that our writers and strategists know how to speak your audience’s language. After all, they’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt (or perhaps that should be white coat) to prove it.



Generally speaking, our expertise comes at a price – but we do consider pro bono work in the right circumstances.

If you have a prospective pro bono project that’s healthcare-related, non-profit and not time sensitive, please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.

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When it comes to what matters to us, we could have just written a standard set of corporate values. But we figured we could make things more interesting by drawing on our clinical experience to write our own version of the Hippocratic oath. So with all due apologies, we give you ‘the Wellmark oath’.

Read the oath
they say
Brand insights Dedicated
‘Wellmark have deep insights into our brand, which allows them to have a really strong handle on what we require. Their dedication to the brand is a huge positive.’ Healthcare Brand Manager
Creativity Engaging
‘Great work on the advertising and the campaign everywhere this week! Fresh, really engaging and giving a totally new take/view of Aged Care.’ Aged Care General Manager
Client service Fantastic
‘Wellmark has been fantastic on this project – the best we have ever had, and an absolute joy to work with as you have made my life easier.’ Pharmaceutical Brand Manager
they say
Healthcare expertise Tremendous
‘This has been a mammoth task but Wellmark has handled it with tremendous aplomb. The end product would never have been as good without your input.’ Infectious Diseases Consultant
Design for all media Amazing
‘The site looks fabulous, behaves well and your whole team has done an amazing job.’ Group Online Manager
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