a creative agency that takes care of healthcare brands


We swear to fulfil, to the best of our ability and judgement, the Wellmark values:

We will respect the hard-won gains of those marketers in whose steps we walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is ours for the benefit of our clients. By staying true to our clients’ brands, we stay true to ours.

We will apply all measures necessary for powerful communications, avoiding the twin traps of cliché and overcomplication. Through creativity, we can make the complex simple.

We will remember that our work is an art as well as a science, and that empathy may outweigh data in helping us connect with a brand’s audiences.

We will always be curious and will not be afraid to ask “why?”. We believe that questions and questioning fuel creativity.

We will pay attention and take notice of the tiniest matters, for magic can often be found in the detail.

We will remember that we do not work for personal accolades or vanity metrics, but for the health of our clients’ brands. Our responsibility is to stay faithful to their needs.

We will do the right thing and do things right – the first time and every time – because acting with integrity is paramount.

If we do not violate this oath, may we enjoy our work and be respected as a steady, trusted presence in the life of our clients’ brands. May we always act to create meaningful change that wins hearts and minds.