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Dr Ryan Wallman
19 Dec, 2016

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You know when a band runs out of good material, so they release a greatest hits album? That’s pretty much what this blog post is.

But wait. Don’t leave just yet, because there’s also some new stuff here. With any luck, just enough to make you think this is more than simply a cynical rehash.

Let’s start with the hits, shall we? (And by ‘hits’, I mean ‘ones that weren’t dismal failures’.)

Our most popular blog post of 2016 was this one about marketers talking nonsense in Cannes. I suspect that’s because it was the most ranty. Also, who doesn’t love seeing high-profile people make complete fools of themselves?

The runner-up was this post on the topic of incongruity in advertising. It includes a truly heart-warming story about me swearing like a sailor at the age of four.

Then there was another ranty one about a marketer showing himself to be completely out of touch with the real world. Hard to believe, I know.

And this post about brand consistency got a decent response from the crowd too. Not a hollering-for-more response, exactly, but polite applause at the very least.

So those were the hits. Now for the new stuff.

I’ve put together some marketing predictions for 2017. Feeling pretty confident about them too.

marketing predictions

Hope to see you back here in the new year. We wish you a very happy festive season.


By Ryan Wallman, Head of Copy at Wellmark.

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