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Dr Ryan Wallman
06 Jun, 2019

2019 may well be the first year that glitter and unicorns feature at the Creative Floor Healthcare Awards.

The finalists for this year’s awards have just been announced, and we’re proud to say that our glittertastic brand guidelines are among them.

To give you a bit of background, a few months ago the 10 year-old daughter of our Account Director took it upon herself to “redesign” the Wellmark logo – complete with a rainbow, a unicorn and a liberal dose of glitter. So we saw it as the perfect opportunity to create a set of brand guidelines that would be very different from the usual.

The result proved to be a bit of an online sensation and was featured in several industry publications, including The Drum, Design Taxi and The Poke.

We like to think these guidelines demonstrate our ability to be creative within constraints (always a challenge in healthcare) while being consistent with our distinctively tongue-in-cheek tone of voice. But they also show that internal branding work can be inspiring, rather than boring and alienating.

Take a look for yourself: https://prodwellmark.wpengine.com/glitterguidelines/

We’re particularly chuffed about making it to the finals of the Creative Floor Awards because:

  • These are the only health and wellness awards that donate a proportion of profits towards a diversity and talent fund. The fund is used to help charities funnel untapped talent and diversity into health and wellness communication agencies.
  • The awards are specific to healthcare, but the judges are a mix of mix of highly respected entrepreneurs, consumer and healthcare creatives.
  • They’re damn hard to win – it’s billed as the ‘toughest healthcare award show on Earth’.

You can find out more about the awards here.

Dr Ryan Wallman, Creative Director at Wellmark. Connect with me on LinkedIn