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Bryce Michelmore
23 Nov, 2012

Wellmark is proud to announce that we will be partnering with the Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA), to design and produce the 2013 edition of Electricity Gas Australia, the organisation’s flagship annual data report publication.

ESAA represents Australia’s stationary energy sector, an industry with more than $120 billion in generation, transmission and distribution assets. ESAA members include government-owned corporations and private companies who retail, generate or supply electricity and natural gas to consumers in Australia.

The Electricity Gas Australia publication produced by ESAA each year provides industry statistics relating to the generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of energy, providing essential information to stakeholders involved in the electricity and downstream gas industries.

As a creative agency that provides strategic design and communications solutions for specialist markets, Wellmark has delivered a number of projects for organisations representing the energy and resources sector including annual reports for SP AusNet, Amcor and Santos. We look forward to applying our industry knowledge and expertise to the design and production of ESAA’s flagship publication. You can view our previous work in this category here.

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