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Dr Ryan Wallman
02 Apr, 2014

Editing services

This is Shrek.

Well, his real name’s David, but we call him Shrek, because he somewhat resembles an ogre and spends most of each working day alone in his lair.

But just in case that’s not enough to make you think “Why am I still reading this, when I should be on the phone to this ogre-like introvert to ask him over for a hot chocolate?”, get this: David is also into seventeenth-century English theological history.

Like, really into it. And there’s no aphrodisiac quite like a man with a semi-obsessive passion for the esoterica of an ancient discipline.

But luckily for you, that’s not the only thing which David has a passion for – if you know what I mean.

Double-entendres, for example: he’s well versed in those. Along with just about any other grammatical or linguistic device you might care to mention.

You see, as our in-house editor, David is an all-singing, all-dancing (except he doesn’t really sing or dance) expert in quality assurance.

He ensures that every i is dotted and every t is crossed, that clients’ style guidelines and mandatories are always up-to-date, and that every project complies with the necessary regulatory requirements. And as for the Medicines Australia code, he knows that thing backwards. Probably dreams about it. Not in a weird way, mind you – just in the standard, non-weird way that any rule-driven pedant dreams about a 150-page regulatory document.

Now that should be ringing your bell, because getting all those things right the first time can save you a lot of pain – and expense. And you’ll struggle to find another creative agency that has a David.

So, do you want to take things a little further, with an agency that offers you more than what you’re used to?

Call us now on 9829 0088. Your friendly ogre is waiting.

By Ryan Wallman, Head of Copy at Wellmark

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