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Dr Brandy Munro
06 Nov, 2013

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While in the middle of a ‘discussion’ with my 21-month-old daughter about the fact that it can’t always be playtime, I suddenly had an epiphany. Despite years of experience as a writer dedicated to executing clients’ brand strategies and key messages, I had somehow underestimated – in the chaos that I now call home – the ability of my own toddler to draw on the first principles of Marcomms 101. And no, she’s never taken a class – I’m not a tiger mother.

It wasn’t so long ago that she was a small and helpless baby who relied solely on our care. However, it recently dawned on us that somewhere between the age of about 9 months and now, Miss M’s psychological intellect has grown at an astounding pace, and is significantly higher than we have given her credit for. Why, oh why, hadn’t our little darling notified us upon reaching such an important developmental milestone? Well, see, that wouldn’t align with her brand strategy (see below).

In true toddler style, Miss M has hoodwinked her father and I into thinking that we had successfully embraced the art of parenting. In reality, it is our daughter who has mastered the art of toddlerhood. No longer is she our innocent little baby – now she is a fully-fledged champion of toddler rights. Dear God, have mercy on us.

Brand: Miss M

Brand vision:

  • To receive constant attention and to get what I want whenever I want it

Target audience:

  • My parents +/- other relevant stakeholders (e.g. grandparents)

Brand strategy:

  • Execute authentic and consistent messaging through visual and verbal channels for maximum impact
  • Maintain target audience’s cluelessness about the training taking place

Key messages:

  • Give me what I want and everyone will be happy
  • If I don’t get what I want, we will have a full and frank discussion that will preferably take place:
    • in front of as many onlookers as possible (e.g. at the supermarket); and/or
    • at the worst possible time (e.g. when you are in a hurry to get to work or to an appointment)

As brand strategies go, it’s simple, clear, and strikingly effective. Out of the mouths of babes…

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