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Dr Candice O’Sullivan
17 Apr, 2014

Looking to feast on more than just chocolate this Easter? Our Easter reading list offers you some food for thought to ensure you’re not caught on the hop when you get back to work. So get cracking. Unless, of course, you have more eggs-citing things to do. (Sorry, we tried to avoid using an egg pun, but come on, you must have been eggs-pecting it.)

Easter reading Wellmark

Brand and marketing communications:
Any tagline you want so long as it is ridiculous

Professional services firms:

Healthcare communications and pharma marketing:

By Candice O’Sullivan, Strategic Director, and Ryan Wallman, Head of Copy, at Wellmark.

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‘Last moments of the mmmmm … chocolate egg’ image courtesy of Breibeest via Flickr Creative Commons (under the following licence: CC BY 2.0)

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