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Dr Candice O’Sullivan
23 Nov, 2012

Click Frenzy was meant to be the sale that stopped the nation. It did just that – but not quite in the way intended. So what lessons from the Click Fiasco can prevent you from making the same mistakes with your brand??

  1. If you put your brand in the hands of a third party, be sure you can trust them with it.
  2. Never over-promise, then under-deliver.
  3. Consider your local market before ‘importing’ foreign strategy.
  4. Don’t put your brand equity at risk for the sake of short-term sales.
  5. Always be transparent about your reasons for collection and use of personal data.
  6. Invest in an initiative because it’s right for your brand, not because everyone else is doing it.

By Candice O’Sullivan, Director and Head of Strategy at Wellmark. You can find Candice on Google+ at +Candice O’Sullivan.

Dr Candice O’Sullivan, Managing Director | Head of Strategy & Planning at Wellmark. You can follow Wellmark on Facebook @wellmarkcreative, LinkedIn @Wellmark_Pty_Ltd or Insta @wellmarkcreative.