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23 May, 2013

Hello, Industry Placement Student here, reporting from life at the bottom of the food chain.

Behold my incomplete list of ‘things they don’t teach you at uni’. These are just some lessons I’ve learnt the hard way during my brief time in the agency world, but I think they are relevant to everyone. So take a look, have a chuckle, and remember your own initiation into the workforce as you reflect on my new-found wisdom.

In no particular order, here are five truths I have discovered.

1.    Don’t take shortcuts.

Taking short-cuts in the agency world

Sure, they may be enticing but if you don’t do the work, and do it right, the consequences can get messy.

2.    Details. Get them and check them. Closely.

Loch Ness monster giraffe

Collect all the facts, because otherwise you could look like a massive, um, giraffe.

3.    Aim high.


But don’t be surprised if you don’t hit the target. Persist.

4.    Practise.


You get better at doing something by doing more of that something.

5.    Don’t be precious.


Sometimes you just need to deal with it when your grand ambition gets trashed.

Christina Zsori is a graphic designer and Industry Placement Student at Wellmark

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